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Mission and Goals of the San German Campus


“To be a liberal arts institution of the highest quality, distinguished by its excellent academic programs, students, Faculty, and innovative educational training requirements….

An University of excellence, in which people converges in the search of knowledge with the objective of developing, sharing and using it to the maximum benefit of humanity. It aspires to refine attitudes and skills of its students in a way that they may make a significant contribution to society. Those graduating from our programs will receive an integral preparation that will distinguish them as educated persons that assume leadership positions…”


1.   Promote excellence in education for talented people who want the best training and intellectual development as an individual;

2.    Develop academic programs of the highest quality that are at the forefront of knowledge and respond, in turn, both to the aspirations of students and the society where they live;

3.    Offer students and teachers, curricula that challenge their intellect, encourage research and promote a continued interest in the improvement;

4.    Encourage creativity and innovative capacity of the university community through programs and special projects of interdisciplinary nature that contribute significantly to the development of society;

5.    Provide an environment that is conducive to development and strengthening of ethical, moral and religious values as well as the ability to make decisions that help students live in harmony with themselves and with others;

6.    Develop programs of excellence that meet the requirements of national and international environments;

7.    Foster a climate of healthy living which is used in the human and physical resources, to encourage reflection and study the sensitivity of the environment around us;

8.    Provide students with guidance, counseling and incentives necessary to facilitate optimal development of their intellectual and personal potential;

9.    Develop an environment of academic study and continue to enrich the cultural heritage of the community which it serves; and

10.  Encourage the value, appreciation and use of technology in the pursuit of knowledge and everyday life throughout the entire University Community.